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What is standard configuration of bathroom vanities by granite,marble and quartz
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Types of Bathroom Vanities by granite,marble and quartz stone
There are basically two types of bathroom vanities by the way of installation: wall mounted or freestanding

Types of Bathroom Vanities by granite,marble and quartz stone

The standard linear bathroom stone vanities is designed and fabricated to be installed between two walls for supporting pupose. The typical depth of stone bathroom vanities is 22"/24" with an undermount oval/rectrangular porcelain sink. The sink can be installed on the leftoffset, rightoffset and center of the stone bathroom vanities. The front apron underneach the length of the vanity top can be 8"/10". The front apron may include toilet paper cutout and slot for tissue holder. The vanity top is finished with 4" backsplash and side splashes. 

Bathroom vanities with freestanding or wall mounted vanity base by wood or metal. There are versatile style and design of bathroom vanity base for brand hotels of HIlton, Marriott, IHG and Choice Hotel etc.