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What is Sintered Stone
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What is Sintered Stone?

Sintered stone is introduced as a stone-based surface material, and is popularly made to simulate other building surface material such as natural stones, wood and concrete etc either smooth or textured surface.

Sintered stone is expected to be next generation of surfacing with better incorporating superior performance from countertop to wall cladding. It is available with large format sheet for the manufacture of kitchen countertop, bathroom vanities, shower surrounding, furniture top and cabient front.

Sintered stone is non porous so resistant to staining, mould and bacteria. Sealing is not required any more. It can also withstand high temperature which makes it resistant to burning and heat. The manufacturing process of sintered stone mimics the way natural stones are made with high pressure and temperature. And due to this advanced engineering process and ironclad structure, sintered stone is the most scratch-resistant mateiral on the surface material market so far. Even a shape knife is not able to cause a sigificant damage.