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What is Frameless Cabinet?
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what is frameless cabinet
Frameless cabinet do not have a face frame and is known as full access cabinets, European style or Modern style cabinetry. Frameless cabinet attachs to each other directly through the cabinet side panel, therefore, a shorter screw length is used (usually 1 1/4" maximum). This shallow anchoring into adjacent cabinetry may increase the number of screw locations required in order to attach the cabinet securely.

Frameless cabinet are constructed with 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" thick plywood or MDF (Medium Density Fiber) panel. It doesn't have a fame frame, so the front of the cabinet box is edge banded. The cabinet is usually assembled using wood dowel, metal cam lock, glue and pins. Frameless cabinet construction offers the biggest door opening. The gaps around the doors are very small (from 1/16" to 1/8") showcasing the doors when they are closed. Hinges are always concealed.

A frameless cabinet carcass offers more ease of access and strorage space by removing the face frame. And because of this, the cabinet carcass is typically thicker to add more stability to the contruction. A frameless cabinet also has a sleeker look to it with seamless lines, and the doors attached directly to the box.